Strands by Stacy
Artist Profile

Stacy began her professional life as a sales and marketing
specialist in the early 90's in a host of different industries.
One of these fields was the highly competitive New York
apparel industry. It was there that she found her true love
of fashion, merchandising and eventually jewelry design.

However, the seeds were planted very early in her life when
as a young girl, her grandmother would bring her beautiful
turquoise and coral pieces from her many yearly trips to
New Mexico, California and Arizona.

Inevitably, these wonderful childhood memories and love of jewelry design would ignite her creative fire and set the foundation for what today is Strands by Stacy. In 2000 Stacy decided to follow her dreams and began to design and manufacture her one-of-a-kind semi-precious stone jewelry creations.

Each one of Stacy's unique and exquisite pieces is created with great love and intricate detailing making every piece even that more special. Today she can still be found wearing turquoise and coral pieces and is able to share these wonderful designs with you, through Strands by Stacy.

Strands by Stacy creations include rare and exotic gemstones and are carried by galleries, fine jewelers, high end department stores and boutiques across the country.