Strands by Stacy
New Collections

Leather Wraps - starting from left to right of photo - the 1st row are the double napa leather wraps they are $165. All have chain on the outside.
The 2nd row are also double lather wraps they are a bit thicker with gun metal and hold chain on the outside of the leather these are $185.
The 3rd row are triple wraps in mocha with gold on the outside and black with gold on the outside as well These are $165 .
The skinny leather in black and chocolate brown with gold chain on the outside are $215.  These look great layered with the beaded bracelets that are on my website...take a look and we can put together a nice ensemble for you.
Druzy Earrings & Blue Sodalite Necklace -
a. Drewzy post studs earrings - blk square - $130, white diamond studs $100, gold hops with gold oval drewzy and blk drewzy on ouside of hoop - both are $185.
b. Green agate earrings - $185
c. brown wood hanging earrings with gold drewzy's - $215
d. Blue Sodalite Necklace on 22" gold chain - 275.00 
All the necklaces have a 1" extender on them
a. Spring Druzy's - the first is a titanium silver druzy on sterling silver chain - $215
b. natural druzy - on 22" gold chain - a bit like a apricot color - very neutral - it's gorgeous - $250
c. titanium druzy - on 22" black jet gold wrapped chain - $250
d. white opal druzy - on 22" chain - $250.